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Scrape noise when first passing ~10mph

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    I recently purchased a 2015 Buick Verano with about 30,000 miles (2.4L 4cyl) and lately have been noticing a short noise it makes when I first pull away, typically occurring the first time I pass roughly 10mph. It’s almost like a scrape noise, hard to describe, and I can feel it at my feet. It also only happens after initially moving, it doesn’t reoccur when stopping and going as I continue to drive. Only after cold starts. I haven’t found anything online, except one person who suspected their ABS causing a clunk noise at 10mph (if you were to search online), which had no real follow up information. I get no lights or anything. My mechanic suggested it’s just rust on the brakes being scraped off, but I’m not touching the brakes. I can go just about any distance below 10mph without hearing it, and at some point between 10-15mph it does it for a split second and that’s it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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