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    Adrian Arghius
    Adrian Arghius

    Hi, my father has a Seat Ibiza, 1.4i from 1996-1997.
    Inspection is coming soon and the middle exhaust is punctured/broken.
    It’s quite expensive to replace at a mechanic’s and I was wondering about alternatives.
    Do I have to get the exact model/year? Will I be able to find replacements at the car scrap yard from other models?
    I haven’t worked on cars much, but I feel I’d be able to replace the middle exhaust without much problem, I just need the part.
    I could spend an entire week looking for spare parts at the scrap yard, but chances of finding another ibiza from ’97 are rather slim
    Any ideas?

    Thank you! And stay dirty 🙂

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    Don’t know how it is in Spain, but over here an exhaust shop can weld in some pipe for cheap. No need for direct fit on a midpipe.

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