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Shifting knob won’t shift 1995 f150

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    Anthony Gillian
    Anthony Gillian

    I just changed the rear main seal on my transmission. After putting everything back together, I was not able to shift through the gears at all when the engine was running, but when the engine was off, I was able to shift through all the gears. I was having a little trouble with repressurizing the clutch.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    First thing would be to confirm the throw out bearing is moving due to you having issues re-pressurizing it..
    If that is operating correctly, at that point I have to assume something went wrong in the reassembly.
    If you replaced the clutch components ( IE clutch, pressure plate, pilot bushing/bearing, throw out bearing ) were they the correct parts?
    you may have gotten a defective part / incorrect part.
    Poor clutch alignment.

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