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So ignorance is bliss; sorta doing my own pre purchase inspection.

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    M C
    M C

    So the point of this post is two fold:
    1) I’d like to do a better job of inspecting a vehicle myself, making sure I didn’t miss anything.
    2) Perhaps determine some things that aren’t practical during my own inspection due to lack of my own liability insurance/credibility to seller, as well as… etiquette? i.e.:
    2a) Leak down test.
    2b) Blown head gasket test.
    2c) Front/rear differential condition/oil color.
    2d) PCV Valve & intake manifold condition due to aforementioned failing.

    What I would be looking for (in a 2014 4.0L Tacoma 72k miles clean title):
    – Frame rust?
    – Secondary air injection pump/filter in good condition?
    – Fluid levels all good + color good?
    – Any leaks? Especially behind the engine, and on all hoses.
    – Rear diff noises? Vehicle located on farm, unk. yet if it has been used for towing.
    – Vehicle pulling to one side while driving, w/ & w/out braking?
    – No noises from CV/suspension/rubbing when steering wheel turned completely and driving.
    – ABS working during hard brake?
    – Hard acceleration test & deceleration test w/ engine braking. Looking for noises/vibrations/chunkiness in downshifting & upshifting etc.
    – A/C & heater work and not smelly of dirty socks or coolant.
    – Smoke of any color coming out of tail pipe when idle or revving.
    – Visually, brake pad depth?
    – Take vehicle over bumps to test suspension/noise from various powertrain mounts.
    – Visually/physically inspect motor and transmission mounts.
    – Visually inspect all suspension parts including ball joints & tie rods.
    – Cruise control working?
    – Steering wheel vibrations w/ or w/ out braking?
    – w/ use of Autel MK808 scanner: Vehicle PCM, TCM, ABS, BCM, SRS, OCS, codes & last cleared?
    – O2 sensor values both banks, S1&2 showing normal values/graphs?
    – Fuel trims looking good?
    – Press every possible button on the interior of the vehicle to insure proper function.
    – Any obvious signs of body damage & VIN check.
    – Any leaks around transfer case or transmission.
    – 4WD H & L engage & disengage smoothly.
    – Any and all odd sounds or feelings.
    – Engine air filter condition if seller is okay with it.
    – Serpentine belt condition/pulleys all quiet.
    – All CV boots & any other boots such as any on propeller shaft.
    – No exhaust leaks?

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    M C
    M C

    I’d also just for clarification, ask the seller ahead of time obviously if he is okay with everything I’d be doing like plugging in a scanner, and slamming on the brakes, etc. and would really have no problem taking it to my mechanic if he was uncomfortable with any of it.

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