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Push pistons out from bottom, 2005 CR-V

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    Robert Mancini
    Robert Mancini

    This may have been answered but I could not find the specific information. We have a 2005 Honda CR-V with two issues. Severe oil consumption to the tune of a quart every 500 miles. We were putting up with this, but recently lost ALL compression in cylinder 3. So thinking through options:
    1. Replace engine. Don’t really want to do this as I don’t know what problems I’d be inheriting, and I recently had the timing chain replaced.
    2a. Remove the head, replace the [likely] burnt exhaust valve, and clean and reseat all valves.
    2b. My main question: Remove the oil pan, push the pistons out from the bottom, then hone and install new rings. Can this be done, or does the engine have to be pulled? I understand for some of you veterans, pulling an engine is not a big deal, especially when the manifolds and head is already out, but it just seems a bit less involved if it’s possible. I understand I may have to remove a subframe member to remove the oil pan (not sure yet for my specific model), and this looks a bit involved; removing engine mounts, ball joints, etc. Again, I’m sorry if this is already out there. And would appreciate all feedback. Thanks and happy wrenching!! Robert

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Considering the amount of labor involved.
    It would seem to be more labor intensive to attempt to basically rebuild your engine while still in the vehicle.
    Not to mention just honing the cylinders and cleaning it and keeping any debris away from the internals.
    Another item to note, I would assume your taking the head to a machine shop to have it checked, if it requires machining etc.
    What if the block requires surfacing?
    I would suggest you look at some videos on what is involved with a engine removal and compare those to what your attempting to try.

    Wyatt Cerri
    Wyatt Cerri

    This isn’t an answer to your question but remember not to remove the heads until you’re absolutely ready to because you likely won’t be able to use a cherry picker after.

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