Spring sag in new struts?

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    William Tanguay
    William Tanguay

    I have new Monroe Quick-Struts I’ll be installing in the back of my Element (and adjustable upper control arms from Aerogenics). There is a note on the springs that say to allow the springs to “settle.” Does any one know if this settling time is measured in hours, days, weeks or months? I want to get an alignment when completed, but not before the alleged spring settling. Thanks!

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Don’t worry about it. Spring sag is normal no matter what brand, and you have adjustable upper control arms to correct the camber angle that would be effected by spring sag.

    Only note I would have is that Quick struts are not my favorite suspension for Hondas as the ride quality is not as good as used OE parts in good condition.

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