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    Arturo Candelaria
    Arturo Candelaria

    I replaced the starter on my Avalanche. And sometimes, when I try to start looks like starter sticks and just I hear noise but truck doesn’t start, like key keeps stick but nothing. Then I try it again and runs….
    This happens like once a week…. I replaced about 3 or 4 weeks ago…
    Never had failed with key start…
    Sounds like starts is rotating and make noise, but bendix never come out….
    Any recommendation to do or check? I believe started doing the same with the old one…
    Thanks for your help…

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    I assume you mean that the starter bendix isn’t moving the starter gear forward to engage the flywheel / flex plate and your hearing the starter motor spinning.
    Let me take a shot in the dark here …
    Would this be a remanufactured replacement starter from autozone, advanced auto parts etc?
    If so, suggest you return it and order a OEM unit.

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