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    Tamas Juhasz
    Tamas Juhasz

    My ’04 Lancer finally broke down on me after 160k miles. When I turn the ignition key there is no click, but I can hear the starter whirring, so I am pretty sure the problem is it’s not engaging with the flywheel. Could this be caused by anything else than a faulty starter / solenoid? I am asking because the bolts are really difficult to reach and are rusted on, so it will take me a lot of patience the get the starter out. I might as well order the replacement now while I try to get the old one off the car. Thanks!

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Sounds like the Bendix is not pushing the starter gear forward to engage the flywheel.
    Sorry to tell you .. your most likely gonna have to R&R it.

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