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Starting a subaru boxer for the first time in 3 or 4 years

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    So I have a subaru in my garage for 4 year now (can’t believe its been that long). Had a bolt break off and just never had to the time to circle back to it with changes in life (having a kid). Now I need to move it so I need to drill that bolt out and put in the new steering rack.

    Anyway. once I get the rack in place and the new tie-rods on, I am going to need to start the damn thing. My thoughts on this are:

    1. Remove plus and Spray a bit of ATF down each cylinder.
    2. Spray some fogging oil in each cylinder.
    3. drink a few cold snacks and drink some high proof brown water.
    4. hand crank engine the next day
    5. at some point remove any old gas and put in some new gas with a shot of marvel mystery oil to help off set any left over old gas and to lube the injectors after sitting for so long.
    6. put the plugs back in and crank on it.

    What do you all think of this plan?


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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Check your belts, hoses.
    Might consider flushing the brake fluid.
    Also inspect the timing belt.
    New fuel filter.
    Inspect the battery cables.
    Change out the antifreeze, oil and oil filter


    yea, those are in my plan after I get it to the point I can move it to the other side of my garage where my tools and better lighting is. I grabbed a 6 pack of LED shop lights and my one bay will soon have them so they are all around the car. Getting old means I need more light. 🙂

    I need to rebuild the 2 front calipers so after that I am going to flush out the brakes. the coolant is a given. The belts are newer, I put them on 4 years ago but they have like 20k on them. no fuel filter on 2006 models and up (I hate that, I want a filter) and I will check the battery cables when I put the new bat-tery in it. I am also flushing the coolant when I do that, I’ll do new hoses and a thermostat. Because when will the thermostat go? right after a fluid change.


    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Best of luck!!
    Always a thrill to bring em back from the dead.


    yep, hell if Eric would want to do a timing belt video on a subaru boxer, I am not that far from his shop… haha, I am sure he gets that All the time.

    Billy Andrews

    Boxer timing belt is easy if you buy the two tools that people often try to skimp on:
    1. Company 23 crank pulley tool
    2. Cam locking tool – needed for DOHC engines only

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