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Steering Issue After Rack Replacement

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    Paul C
    Paul C

    Rack has been showing signs of wearing out on my ‘04 Ram for a while now, so when recently my power steering pump also crapped out I decided to replace both at the same time since I have the time right now. I am sure that I centered the rack before installing it and had the steering wheel straight&secured in that position. When I finished the job and took the truck out for a test drive, I noticed quickly that if i did not hold onto the wheel it would turn about 15* to the left and bring the truck with it. When I pulled back into my driveway and put it in park i noticed that the wheel came to rest at that 15* turn even though the wheels were straight. Weird thing is I can pull the slack out of it and get the wheel straight without much movement at all from the wheels. Did I get a defective reman’d rack or is it possible that I missed a step? Would an alignment just do the trick? Pretty lost so any help is appreciated.

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    It is very common for the steering wheel to be off center after a power steering rack replacement. I recommend you get an alignment to correct the issue.

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