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steering knuckle..04 honda accord v6 manual

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    my rt front wheel bearings are going bad ..yes i hear that woosh sound and gets louder with speed , since i dont own a press i would like to just replace the entire knuckle with the hub assembly complete however im finding only knuckles that say rated for the 2.4l automatic models nothing specifying the v6 3.0l models … im curious as to is there a real difference between the steering knuckle measurements on a 2.4l automatic model vs a 6spd manual model ..????

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    In my experience, wheel bearings don’t normally go bad on Hondas without some outside issue like someone replacing a wheel stud by removing the hub and then pressing it back into the bearing. I would be sure you really need wheel bearings before you go down that road. Additionally, there are other tools that make for easy wheel bearing replacement that don’t involve a press. Links in the description to the tools. BTW, you can often rent these tools from your local auto parts store.

    But I would start here.

    You might also find this helpful.

    Good hunting.

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