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Steering Rack Worn – Parts Time Suggestion

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    Quick post for ya here folks:

    Car: 1994 Accord, Sedan, LX. OEM rack and OE steering inner/outer tie rods.

    Issue: Worn steering rack, on center there is a lot of play. When turning there is hardly any. Already tried steering rack adjustment(s). Car has 285k miles on it.

    I’ve known about this for a while now, but being an extensive / expensive job (no shop / garage anymore to work on it myself) i’ve been putting it off. Now i need an alignment after replacing a part. So it’s the opportune time to get this finally done.
    As of right now, the car has brand new MOOG (Sankei 555 iirc) upper and lower control arms / ball joints on both sides of the front.

    I am really hesitant to go with aftermarket cheapy units, same goes for reman. I hear a lot of bad reviews from YT mechanics, friends, and shops alike.
    I could find a sub 100k miles junkyard part fairly easily in my area, even for 1994. (it’s around $75)

    Question: Suggestion on any parts i have not considered yet? What is the time you would expect the shop to charge for this work? They are reputable and have several two-post lifts.

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