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    david byrne
    david byrne

    Hi, I have a 1986 Honda Accord and every since someone replaced my ball joints, I’ve had stiff steering that won’t return to zero. I replaced my pump, rack and pinion, steering column screws, everything, until I finally brought it to a shop to get new ball joints. Finally, my steering was back! Mostly. Returning to zero was still a little off.
    Just last week I replaced all my struts. Steering was great the next day, but the day after, it’s back to difficult. I just got an alignment, no change.
    One hint, there is a squeaky sound coming from the steering column while turning it. NOT a squeal, the belt is not slipping. It’s just as the steering wheel passes certain points it creaks a bit. There is also creaking from what sounds like the driver side plate on top of the shocks.

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