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    Chris WestbrookChris Westbrook

      I just read your latest newsletter and I believe that you can still bring back that old magic of the days of the past. I do enjoy watching the videos on modern diagnosis but you can also add in the other methods you used to use before having a well equipped shop.

      Example: using a slide hammer before you had the OTC kit to remove that front wheel bearing. Now that you’ve shown us how to manually flush the power steering fluid, show us how the pros do it with a machine.

      Fairmont or not, watching the videos is always interesting. It was prepping for an engine swap that landed me on your channel back in 2013 and you did a swap on a Dodge truck without a lift. Now that you have a lift, I dont feel any different watching the diagnosis, replacement, or repair. Keep em coming!

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Thank you for the suggestions. Actually, I already have a plan for going forward. Something that’s going to work better for me for sure. Not sure if it’s what the majority of the audience wants, but it’s what I’m doing. My plan is to make a channel promo outlining this direction in the near future.

        Thank you again for the suggestions.

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