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    Matthew MontaltoMatthew Montalto


      At first look I did not notice any videos on your channel regarding door locks/handles etc (forgive me if I just overlooked them). I recently had to do my odyssey’s driver door key…. so I had to remove it and install a new cylinder (after re-keying to my car key). and there is quite a bit to the workings there that perhaps might make for some interesting videos (guess you could also throw in power windows/motors etc).

      Also, I recently bought a remote starter and am going about the installation on my own and have done quite a bit of learning on ignition locks and wiring and the transponder and programming of these things and I thought that these topics might also make for some interesting videos for you to do….(maybe that can dovetail into the key remotes and programming them, etc)

      Just trying to give you some ideas in case you were in need of them….

      I really enjoyed your last newsletter and I would like to say a quick thank you to you for all the hard work you do. It is not over-looked…. there are millions of people out there doing videos on any sort of topic… many of them car repair videos…. and the thing is many people are not sure who they can trust and whose information they should listen to…. Over time some people build credibility and some lose it…. You are certainly in the former of that statement…. When I need to do a repair I have never done… I look at a wide range of people who have videos doing the same repair….. usually I will find one of the same that you have done as well… because of your reputation…. your video becomes that standard that I compare everyone else’s repair procedure to.

      You are making more of a difference than you know… Personally I think some of what you are going through may just be a combination of fatigue, (and age)… and from what I can tell…. maybe you have a bit of the “where do I go from here” feeling… I may not be able to say where that is…. but having watched you come to where you are from where you were…. I know that wherever that place is you’ll get there… You certainly seem to be a person with a lot of heart and perseverance and I wish you the best of luck…

      I have tried shooting some videos before… I know how tedious and difficult it is… I have also come to know that I am terrible at it…. I have done plenty of video editing in the past… and I know how tedious it is…. (and I’m a computer guy by trade)…. I know that for one guy to shoot and produce what you have done over the last 10 years is nothing short of doing the seemingly impossible…. And we all love you for it… Keep up the great work man…. you deserve every reward and benefit you get out of it.

      Anytime that anyone ever asked me car repair questions these days, my response usually begins with: “have you hear of ericthecarguy?”



      (oh yea, Happy New Year)

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Thank you for the suggestions Matt, and for your kind words about my work. I really appreciate both.

        As for the video suggestions, I would need vehicles coming into the shop needing those services, and time to shoot the videos. To be honest, that doesn’t happen often with video requests. However, I have done videos on windows and some stuff about working inside a door. For future reference, you can search all of my videos here.

        That said, if something comes up based on your suggestions, I’ll try and make a video.

        Thank you again for the suggestions and support. Both are appreciated. Happy New Year to you too!

        Matthew MontaltoMatthew Montalto

          No worries Eric…. but thanks for taking the time to get back to me… appreciate it….. Figured there was no harm in throwing them out there… will continue to throw out any other ideas that might cross my mind… if any of them work, great… if not… just toss em… and you can just give me a “no” and know that there’s no offense taken… just trying to help if I can.

          Stay well and keep up the great work….


          EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

            No worries at all. Keep them coming.

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