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    Jessie Lissel
    Jessie Lissel

    Definitely need some help with my Chevy/GMC 1/2 ton truck. Story short, started to run not right so parked it for about 5 months, figured out one issue. Fuel injectors needed replacing, replaced those but now truck struggles to start. When I do get it started it runs super rough, as in whole truck/motor begins shaking and sounds like death. Next time try to start runs for couple of seconds then died. Fuel injectors seems to be working fine so I’m not sure why or what is causing this rough start/ sputter/ stall and no start issue. I just bought a new fuel pump thinking maybe that’s now the issue?

    # 2 issue; I crawled underneath to just see what I could see the other day, give me a idea about the fuel pump and exactly where the gas tank is and what I’ll all need to change fuel pump. I noticed there is tranny fluid leaking down from somewhere, it wasn’t leaking when I parked it and it wasn’t over filled with fluid. Could someone give me some advice on what parts/ gaskets it could be leaking from? And how difficult it is to change said parts?

    #3 issue; my pinion seal is leaking pretty good all around the shaft part( sorry if that’s not what it’s called, I’m just learning) this will be the second time it’s failed in a 1.5 years. Is there something that could be causing it to fail? Or is it just shitty parts or are they known to be a constant thing to change?

    There is more issues but these three are my biggest issues at moment. If anyone can help me out that be great! And muchly appreciated!

    Oh before I forget, I just bought a Innova multi use Vacuum gauge 3620 and the instructions are so vag on how to use it for everything it can apparently do/ used for. If someone could help me figure out how to use it to check my fuel pressure and vacuum leaks that be great. From what I get from it it sounds like the vehicle has to be running to be able to use it and I can’t even get my truck to stay running. So is it pretty much useless or am I just reading it wrong?

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Whenever diagnosing performance issues, the mechanical condition of the engine is often overlooked. Especially with older vehicles, this is where I like to start. If you have low compression, or a loose timing chain, it can cause all kinds of performance problems that no amount of parts will fix other than replacing the broken or worn ones.

    Here is where I suggest you start for how to diagnose performance problems, BTW, there is a video on how to use a vacuum gauge to find exhaust restrictions.

    As for the leaks:

    With the pinion seal, it’s quite possible that the pinion bearing is worn. At high mileage, rebuilding the rear differential and replacing the axle bearings is not a bad idea.

    You might also find this video series helpful.

    Good hunting.

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