thank you etcg, hats off to you sir

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      I just don’t have the words to thank you enough for making this video, I think it’s probably the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to promote the heck out of it.


        I’m New to the whole film making bit and what better way to cut my teeth on somthin like this, I don’t wana sound corney but your vids, etcg1(which I miss), repair, fatr, have touched me, I can relate, my mom and I went on a trip and I pitched her my phone with the slow pay episode. She watched the whole thing and when it was done the next 200 miles just flew by as we talked about my work and how my life was sucking at that point in time. Every thing is fine now of course. I don’t know what is instore for mowermedic1 but I’d take any advice I can fron the pro. Film and editing is A LOT of work but I enjoy every stinking min of it.

      Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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