Thump in rear of sienna

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    Hi everyone! I have recently bought a 2004 toyota sienna limited AWD. When I drive, I can hear a thump in the rear of the van around the middle to rear. I’ve taken it to my repair shop and they assume it’s a transmission problem, but they aren’t too sure. That day they were busy and weren’t able tto put it on the lift for a closer inspection.

    What bothers me is that the transmission feels fine, and is mounted to the engine horizontally up front. If it were true, I would also be hearing it up front.

    To give perspective, it sounds like someone hit their hand against the underbody every time I take off or put the car in drive or reverse. I can replicate the sound every time if I feather the gas pedal below 25-30mph. Anything above that and I don’t hear it at all.

    The trans shifts gears fine.

    Any thoughts would be great!


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    I would check both engine and transmission mounts along with drive shaft U joints to start with.

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