TPMS freakout at 23 deg F

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    Billy Andrews

    I have recently experienced the same weird problem on two very different cars – a 2007 BMW 335xi and a 2015 GMC Acadia. While on longish drives (a few hours), as the temperature warmed up from the teens into the twenties (likely descending from higher altitude, don’t remember for sure), the TPMS would suddenly go into failure mode. This has happened once in the BMW and twice in the GMC. In every case, it happened as the ambient temperature was passing up through 23 degrees Fahrenheit. On the Acadia, both times it reported a failure in the front left sensor. The old BMW does not report which wheel has the problem, at least not on the dash. In all cases, the sensor came back online after 20 minutes or so, and the failure mode went away. Since the tires were warmed up from driving, I suspect the problem is more likely in the wheel well antennas than in the sensors. Has anyone seen behavior like this on any vehicles?

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