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    Joe R

    I have an ’01 S10 with a 4.3 and a 4L60 transmission which are sitting outside, on the ground, because of 2 mechanics who I couldn’t trust. I have jack stands, 2 floor jacks, metal ramps and a gravel driveway. I can rent a lift lol. What are your suggestions for bolting the tranny to the engine (it’s not locked up since I kroiled the cylinders and tested it by moving the flywheel yesterday (12/30/22) and it still turns.

    I am interested in your suggestions as to how to bolt the tranny to the engine, whether or not I can put the electrical connections from the engine on the transmission before getting a lift and trying to install both. The motor mounts are in already. Any videos and/or suggestions would be very appreciated. I am gonna do this myself in spite of those other “mechanics”.

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