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    hello there fellow car guys and grease monkeys. I drive a 2012 dodge ram 1500SLT with the 4.7 L flex fuel engine and the 6 speed automatic. when shifting into reverse it will make a loud grinding noise then shift ruffly into reverse, as well as skipping gears ex. second right into 4th. took it to the dealer with the extended warranty I had purchased when I bought it used and they told me it was one of the sifter solenoids going out and the warranty adjuster came out and since the truck has oversize aftermarket wheels that it was not covered, 1,200 dollars later they replaced the entire solenoid pack and valve body new fluid and said it was fixed. a month later it is starting to grind during the 1st – 2nd shift but is shifting fine. is the damage already done, and transmission dying? or is this a screw up and should go back to the dealer. I also have noted a small leak where the drive shaft goes into the back of the transmission and keep an eye on fluid level, it is full.

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