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TSX has IG1 Level High/ELD shows -0.35

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    Pete Sikorski
    Pete Sikorski

    Hi I need some assistance with an electrical issue on my 2004 Acura TSX. It’s about to roll to 110k miles. Car has never had any problems until now. I’ve replaced the power steering pump, blower motor + transistor, tensioner, alternator, coils, plugs, fuel pump, accelerator position sensor,throttle body. The battery replaced 3 times in past 2 years. Battery would be fully charged and then car would sit for 3-7 days. When I would try and start the car there was no crank at all. Battery would be completely discharged. After repeated charging and depletion of battery it caused a bad cell. So now with a new battery I also replaced the battery terminals and ground wire. So far this one is staying charged.

    Since it was killing batteries I checked all fuses and relays. Everything checks ok. I checked for any error codes manually and also with my Autel Maxidas DS808 Scanner. No PID’s are thrown. When I look at the live data I noticed some out of spec values. Running conditions are at idle.

    1. ELD Sensor Output Voltage -0.35
    2. IG1 Level High

    Here is a screenshot of the live data.

    I’m semi new to Honda motors and have just learned about this ELD. Would a bad ELD cause the IG1 to be High? It also seems that while at idle the engine load is higher than normal. At startup engine rmps seem to stay in the high range(1500-1200) for a long time before going to normal 800rpm. But with no load idle is rough and more then normal engine vibration. Idle voltage is steady @ 14.4v. Now I just read that at idle Honda/Acura should be reading about 12.6v with no load. It’s only when under load and the alternator is at full it should read 14.4v. Is that correct? I’ll find the link to that info from Honda and update this post.

    I really need some help/guidance with this electrical issue. Tracing wires, testing continuity and grounds drives my anxiety crazy. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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