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    A good video on ungrateful customers. like for example. My god father has a 2014 chevy Colorado. the transmission only had reverse. knowing about the plastic check balls they get stuck in the valve plate. well i was in a zoom class and he showed up out of no where to pick me up and travel to another city where he lived and didnt even allow me to finish the last 20min of my class which i had to pay for. he had already took the pan and valve plate down. spent the next few days there getting parts and re fixing what he did as a major set back. waited till the next day and he couldn’t wait 20 min for my class to be over when he wanted me to spend the night?? after fixing it he brought me back to drop me off and i asked him to put a nice review on my hammer tech fb page, and he was basically like “why should i?” i get my business out of my page and word of mouth and it just hurts he basically ripped me from home to spend 2 days on his truck and im not worth 5 mins of his time.

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