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Unstable AC Low Pressure Reading, Stable High Pressure

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    Working on fixing my girlfriend’s 2010 Civic air conditioner.

    Of all the material I have gone through to diagnose A/C issues, I have yet to find the same case that I’m running into, as most guides just diagnose with just a given PSI for high or low side. Many guides don’t even acknowledge the effects of ambient temperature.

    Main Points:
    Not enough cooling (here in Vegas in July it’s already hard to get)
    AC Compressor Engages
    Low-Side needle was very unstable, while High-Side was stable
    System was ~38 on low side, and 200 on high side upon first measurements (in ~105 F), engine brought up to temp
    Per mechanic friend’s recommendation: Tried charging the system up to 250 on the high side to see if I could get it there, and I did successfully
    Low side needle still highly unstable (rapid shaking and also varied what it was centered around between 50-60 psi)

    Friend’s Suggestion: Probably a leak somewhere in the system and/or a clogged expansion valve.

    Waiting to look at the car again to check the UV dye I put into the system and look for leaks.


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