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Using TSP to flush the coolant system

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    Chris passiveaggressivemuch?

    I’ve read good things about it and only have seen uninformative mentions that TSP might react with aluminum.
    Anyone know if it is safe to use TSP in a cooling system that will get an aluminum radiator?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Is there any information on how it can / or will react to different metals that are in a engine.
    Or how it can / will react to engine sensors that are exposed to it?

    If your looking to just system flush a cooling system for normal rust and scale build up, better to use something specifically designed and intended for that purpose, PRESTONE radiator flush
    If you have foreign matter in the cooling system. IE, oil from a bad head gasket or transmission fluid.
    You can hose flush the majority out then add liquid dish soap ( DAWN works quite well ) to “wash” the cooling system.

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