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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This forum is started by suggestion from one of the forum members, SpawnedX. The idea behind it is to have a place where technicians can talk about their experiences and ideas concerning their careers and profession. Think of it as sort of an extension to ETCG1 were we talk about things that concern us and the automotive industry. This is for technicians only so please don’t post automotive questions here. If you are a technician welcome to this forum, if not please stay behind the yellow line. Perhaps we can start by introducing ourselves.

      I’m Eric Cook aka EricTheCarGuy. I’ve worked as a professional technician since 1996 and have been an ASE master technician for the past 15 years. I worked for Acura at the dealer for about 8 years and spent the rest of my time working at aftermarket shops on both imports and domestics. I’m also an Acura certified master technician which I got as a result of my training at Acura. For a brief time I ran a Carx after I lost my job at Acura, that was interesting and challenging in many ways but I did work with some good people there and learned a lot about running an automotive business as a result of that experience. Now I have a successful auto repair show on the internet as well as a successful website and forum. To be honest my favorite job so far has been working as ETCG, it seems my entire career including my termination from Acura has led me to this place and I could not be happier with the result. I suppose that just goes to show you never know where you’re going to end up.

      Welcome to the Technicians Only forum, I look forward to getting to know you and your work better.


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        My name is Matt. I’ve been a tech for 13 years now. I worked on heavy duty trucks for 3 years and have been working at a John Deere dealership for 10 years now.


          My name’s Brett. Been an aircraft mechanic the past 6 years. Starting to get into the Automotive thing professional (part time). Just here looking for some advise


            Hi guys,

            My name is Paul and I’m a service/parts advisor in a medium sized family owned dealership here in Ireland. I’ve been a subscriber to the YouTube channel for quite a while now but only just now discovered this site so naturally I had to join. I’m nuts about cars (on my days off lol) and always eager to learn more about them, the job helps but often, extra sources of information come in handy. Recently too I’ve entered the realm of motorcycles (not in the garage, I got my own bike) so if any of you speak 2 or 4 stroke, let me know! 🙂

            Look forward to getting to know you all!!



              Welcome Paul! I speak pinger and thumper myself.

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                Not too bad, I’m not fluent but I understand it! 😆


                  Hi my name is Scott,
                  I just Graduated from Caterpillars 2 year dealer tech program called Think Big, in May, while in school I got my 609 AC certification, and Caterpillars Electrical certification.
                  Came here after watching Erics vids when I was in high school, where I did some Skills USA Competitions, and Ford/AAA Competition, my team came in 4th in the NC State Finals, and I had the highest written test score in NC. I’m glad I did all that, but I’m very happy with my decision to go to work for Carolina Cat.
                  I hope to learn allot being here and maybe even give information on CAT equipment.


                    What’s up guys!

                    My name’s David, I’ve been professionally wrenching for around 3 years. I grew up in Dayton, OH, and I’m currently wrenching there. I started my own YouTube channel after being inspired by Eric. I’m currently a student, but I graduate in May. I’ve always been fascinated by cars, bikes, and anything that has a cycle of: Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow. Currently, I work for AAA as a Tire tech, but I do anything but tires. They have me basically doing alignments, S&S, and light duty diagnosis. Electrical is my thing, Gadget is my nickname at work because I have just about every gadget known to man for electrical diagnosis, (Power Probe ftw). I make ProDemand my slave and I kill trees with all the schematics. I’m comfortable doing everything except hyper in depth stuff. I’m still developing confidence in that area. I look forward to talking to you guys more and maybe learning a thing or two.

                    Troy NorrisTroy Norris

                      Hello everyone. My name is Troy and I own and operate a small repair shop here in Milton Florida. I’ve been doing automotive and small engine repair professionally for the past 21 years and have been in private business for the last five years with great success. I am currently looking to hire a few techs due to the enormous work load I’ve had in the recent months.I have been the only tech in the shop since opening the business in 2009. As of the moment there are ten automobiles here for repairs,three riding mowers,six gas powered lawn trimmers,four electric lawn trimmers and 1 push mower. I have a two bay service facility so getting the repairs in and out quickly is very important. All that said, I am happy to be here and be a part of the ETCG team !

                      Cody LaRueCody LaRue

                        My name is Cody and am 20 years old. I have been an automotive tech for the last 4 years, independently and at an independent shop. I have learned a lot over the past couple of years and am still continuing to grow my knowledge every day. I am currently working on getting all of my ase tests done to become a master tech.

                        Paul DohsePaul Dohse

                          My Name is Paul im a 23yr tech at a chrysler dealership in Cincinnati Ohio. I just bought a 03 honda accord, its my 2nd honda and i love it. Been watching erics videos for a few years since he was working out of that little garage.

                          byron wilridgebyron wilridge

                            Hello Sir my name is Byron Wilridge Retired Military

                            I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator when i get to 45 mph the truck lose it power i have change the Water Pump,Thermostat and Gasket, Coolant Temp Sensor and Head Temp Sensor but it’s still doing the same thing.I was wondering if it could be the Cadillac Converter too. Your help is greatly Appreciated.

                            chris woodschris woods

                              Hey Eric, My name is Chris. I have been a tech/manager at a tire shop now for over 10 years. Before that I pretty much grew up in a garage. BTW I’m 31 as of this month the 18th. I just want to say that I watch and love the videos you do. I can’t honestly remember how i came across you on YouTube but i am glad I did. I have learned a lot from you and a lot i already knew. I’m sure you have a lot of this and can’t get to everyone, but I just want to say thank you and would love to hear back from you. One other thing. I too have a truck I inherited from my dad, only because he passed away from cancer. It is a 1986 Chevy C-10 with a SB Chevy 350 4 bolt main with a Edlebrock aluminum intake, hedders and dual exhaust. Downfall, old qudrajunk on but I love it. Kinda nice we have something in common. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and see if I get a response back. Thank you and remember…. Stay Dirty!!

                              Nicholas MitteerNicholas Mitteer

                                Hey guys, My name is Nick and I’m just getting started as a tech.

                                I’ve worked in a few different shops as a GS Tech but quit to go to school as I felt it would be better to expand my knowledge base so I can pursue better opportunities work-wise. That and personal circumstances including me moving halfway across the state kinda short circuited the whole process. I can remember growing up my Mom always drove old beaters that always required some kind of fixing. So I learned a lot by watching her. She was no master tech but she knew how to turn a wrench lol.

                                Eventually I hope to become a certified Master Tech and open up my own shop. I’m not cut out to sit behind a desk all day and I truly enjoy this line of work and the satisfaction of helping people. That feeling of fixing things is also pretty awesome too.

                                To Eric: Keep doing what you do brother, I for one have learned a lot from you and your videos and look forward to whatever you’ve got cooking for the next one.

                                Dale HolmesDale Holmes

                                  That is great! I am in a similar position as you. 2 years less experience as you but just wanted to drop a line and so I am doing the same. good luck!!!

                                  Dale HolmesDale Holmes

                                    My name is Bobby, I just move to Los Angeles 2 years ago and started my auto tech career a year and a half ago with no auto school,But in that time.. i am already doing water pump replacement and such, This is all thanks to the master techs i work with and Eric the car guy. His videos are really amazing and helped me alot. Cheers everyone!

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