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What are your favorite pneumatic tools?

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      What are your favorite pneumatic tools? Let me know. Reply. My favorite is my air ratchet.

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      Andrew ButtonAndrew Button

        I have some snap-on stuff. I have an Aircat ratchet, however I have a cordless Milwaukee 3/8 ratchet that is more convenient. IR, CP and Snap on all make airtools worth having. The rest are pretend and should be sold in the Kmart toy aisle along with the plastic guns and barbie dolls.


          My Aircat Nitrocat 1200K and Nitrocat 1355XL. The 3/8 1355Xl covers 95% of what I do every day so the 1200K only comes out when it’s game time.

          Other than those 2, the only other air tools I have are my die grinder for surface prep and my cut-off wheel. Everything else is cordless. Yes it’s annoying once a month when the battery on my ratchet dies, but it’s way easier than dragging an air hose around.

          Andrew ButtonAndrew Button

            For most things these days, I think cordless is better. Sure there are exceptions, but something like a Ratchet, battery stuff is better. Its not the 1950s anymore. I have a battery powered dremel type tool, oh the possibilities of that little thing. Air could be better for something big, but how many dremel type jobs are big ? Staying on the topic of airtools. Snap-on is the best for that stuff. Its the most ergonomic, most power for it’s size, most well built, has the most attractive finish, holds the best warrantee and has the best resale value. Also nicest to use. IR may be more powerful in some applications, but its also like holding a brick with broken edges, where as the Snap-on fits the hand like a custom made pair of suede leather gloves from the finest places on the globe.

          Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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