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      I bought a new floor jack of the trade mark Rodac. It’s a 3 Ton jack with a quick up pedal on it. I bought it very

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        I just got the spill free funnel and was waiting for fan to kick on to call done with bleeding but my fans must kick on at higher temp because I know they work. So when I reach 212 on blue driver, I boil over. Decided to kill at 195 when bleeding if upper rad hose is hot


          I bought a lot of 255 used sockets off eBay to complete some of my socket sets.

          Caleb StovallCaleb Stovall

            Bought a 21 piece disc brake caliper service set off of eBay.
            Not sure if it’s going to be any good but it was 20 dollars and free shipping so I thought why not.
            The case is really crappy but the tool itself seems pretty solid, guess I’ll find out!

            Thomas JohansenThomas Johansen

              Just this last week i bought a ton of tools.
              I got a Bone rough rider creeper, two roller chairs one with height adjustment.
              A tool trolley, Grene 1/2″ Deep impact socket set. Full set of Wera Impact screwdrivers.
              A nearly full toolbox from my old workplace on a auction.
              IDG Zip-tie tightening/cutting tool, IDG Impact adaptors, 20Tonn shop press, and a bunch more that i can’t remember at the moment 😛

              Also have a ton of tools laying in my old servicevan that i’m waiting to get shipped back to me.

              Jake FJake F

                a wire-stripper. Much needed even tho it’s taken more wires than insulation since its use.

                Caleb StovallCaleb Stovall

                  My wife ended up buying me this pair of Sheffield needle nose wire stripper, crimpers from Walmart a while back for like 18 bucks or something.
                  Honestly they’ve become my favorite / go to pair for wireing.


                    I picked up a few new toys off amazon.
                    I grabbed the Otc oil and trans pressure kit. Now I can check whether or not I need to buy an oil pump for the car or can just get away with a timing kit lol. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now.

                    I bought both the 3/8 and 1/2 cdi torque wrenches. We will see how they hold up in the shop. They seem very similar to my snap on lbs-in granted it is the same company but the head design’s different. I snagged a set of 1/4″ impact with this spring magnet thingy inside. I love them for dash work so far. I’ll get pics of that set Monday I guess lol.

                    I grabbed the long shank lisle whiz wheel tool too. I’ve done a lot of dodge truck water pumps lately and this would make quick work and life much easier than being a contortionist with the short shank I have now. I love buying tools buy my lovely accountant doesn’t like it much ?


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                      Last tools I bought was two torque wrenches from Harbor Freight, a 1/4″ and a 1/2″. I VERY rarely use a torque wrench, but I was replacing the knock sensors on my 5.3 Chevy truck. I also got some TekTon brand impact sockets from Amazon to go with my DeWalt impact gun.


                        Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114 gqc

                        Astro Light 40SL

                        3 lb Sledge

                        Christmas presents from Family.

                        Lawrence SpeeceLawrence Speece

                          I recently purchased an Autel MD802 scanner that identified why my 2009 Hyundai Accent was displaying an airbag light on my instrument panel. I made this purchase due to a dealer wanting to due just the scan at a ridiculous price! Not only did this particular scanner identify the problem, it also cleared the code thereby turning the light off. This event took place about a month ago. Fortunately the car is running like new with no unwanted code lights!!! And, the price of admission was under $100 with free labor provided by me!

                          Rick SiriRick Siri

                            I bought an undercarriage cleaner from Best Car Gurus. IT is bets to keep the car’s undercarriage clean to avoid rust build up

                            Alex MckenzieAlex Mckenzie

                              Just some polishing products, I am trying new ones that I saw on other forums.

                              Carlin SchmidtCarlin Schmidt

                                Dyco Ventures has a beautiful heavy duty workbench at


                                  We recently acquired this work truck and a new set of wrenches for the off-site jobs. Needed a place to keep and secure the tools so I ordered this Lund steel storage toolbox:

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