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    OK, general question about upgrading my “fleet” of ancient cars….

    Currently I have a 1989 Honda Accord 4-dr LXI, 2.0 L, with 5-sp manual transmission, 260K miles. THIS is the car that got me started here on ETCG and doing my own repairs. Once I get the no crank issue resolved then I can look at other potential repairs. Might need a new head gasket, needs a heli-coil on plug #1 and future need for timing belt and likely struts (again!). Oh and if I want to, replace the non-working AC components. It has new tires (<3K miles), rebuilt front end (fork bolts & bushings, axles w/ boots, joints, struts, rotors, rebuilt calipers, pads & brakes, new UCAs, sway bar links), cooling system rebuilt (water pump, radiator, thermostat, hoses), replaced exhaust from header back, new steering rack & TREs, new modern radio & speakers.

    Also own a 1994 Ford Taurus, 4-dr, GL, 3.0 L with AT, 110K miles. Replaced radiator, hoses, thermostat, replaced heater core & evaporator (removed dash), front sway bar links, tires, rear stabilizer bushings & sway links. replaced windshield washer pump, driver door latch. Needs 3 struts (pass rear already replaced) might have PS pump issues, tranny is “interesting”. Needs radio. I keep patching holes in the Cats! I rebuild the A/C system and it worked for 6-months till the compressor burned up, now has spacer wheel in place of compressor.

    Now the real world “emotional” aspect of this (human irrationality). The Honda is the first new car I ever bought for myself and the Ford was my late Dad’s car which I’ve had for 7 years. So some attachment to both. Both cars are fairly clean: nice unmolested interiors and minimal cancer on the exterior.

    Now I am positioned to get a 2015 or 2016 model Honda CR-V. I have a two car garage and no interest in storing a car outside nor paying insurance on 3 cars.

    So which one do I dump? Why? How do I give up one of my babies? LOL!

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    Michael Sackstein

    Definitely keep the ‘89 Accord. Those are great cars. Ford Taurus is hit or miss depending on the year. Not sure what the 94s were like in terms of reliability but that said certain years can be okay cars but they won’t hold up like the Honda will. In those years they had a graphite head gasket that was prone to failure overtime, but they’ve since upgraded to a steel head gasket that is much better quality and will last a lot longer. The other stuff is fixable. Even if you needed to replace the clutch on that car ever those are fairly cheap as well. As for the CR-V, well it just so happens that I drive a 2014 myself and I love it. The problem with the 15s and 16s is they went to Continuously variable transmissions in 2015, which can be problematic overtime. Personally, I would say if you’re looking to buy one of those maybe go with the 16 because chances are if they had any glitches in the previous year they have likely been sorted out at that point. Hope that helps, and good luck!

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