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Wipers and Radio “Intermittent” Honda civic 1995

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    Occasionally my 1995 Honda Civic Wipers and Radio wont work, It tends to be (But not always) when it’s very cold.. Then I’ll stop somewhere for an hour and get in and everything will work again. I’m Thinking ignition switch or relay? Am, I barking up the right tree? BTW the washer fluid pump works, and the radio(aftermarket) backlit works. TIA Tim

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    If the ignition switch was the cause, I would suspect you would have more issues than just the radio and wipers.
    You’ll need a power distribution diagram for your specific vehicle.
    Then find out if both are on the same circuit then trace out that for any bad connection(s) or damaged or broken wiring.

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