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Wiring/93 F150 302 8 cyl 2 wheel drive

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    Wireing issue, please help! My shift lever wasn’t going to park, reverse was park neutral was reverse and drive was neutral. So I unscrewed the knee panel and notice the white cable (adjuster) was hooked into a metal piece I gave it a tug and I unwound it as it was a bit tangled. The plastic box where the adjuster is was broken off where it sat. I super glued & baking soda it and then zip tied it. I then just tried to see if it would start as I had tugged a few wires. At first it cranked, started(barely) then died. Did this a few times and decided to move on to the adjustment phase. Worked on it for a while and then tried to start it again this time it only cranked. No start and die. Can you help me figure this out. I don’t have the book on this truck . I’m stranded now! I may have have pulled an ignition wire from under the steering column, or choke. I’m not real great with a multimeter (I do have one with me) but am pretty handy with a test light.
    Please help if you can I’m basically stranded right now. Thanks so much

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