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    Corey MillerCorey Miller

      So yesterday i went to estep to get tiers since I cant so them myself.i never take my to a shop unless its something that I cant do. Well the reason why i hate taking them came true yesterday. I whatch my vehicles while in the shop bc of the fact that they r money hungry. Everything is going fine till the technician tried to place the tier i requested to keep as a spare bc mine is so badly rusted. I drive a 1997 murcury mountaineer. So he went to open the back hatch as the car was still locked and broke it. So i confront one of the guys runing the store. I told him straight up that your guy just broke it and i unlocked the car and tried to open the back and the part just spun. He says ok let me get the technician. He says he tried to open it and heard a pop and then it started to spin. The guys runing the store says we dont know that he was the reason it broke whell have to set an appointment for you to come back and us to check it out. Ok so i took it back this morning and the guy that i was talking to the day b4 was all nice and joking around complamenting my aftermarket radio. I stayed stuck up his butt till he said that the only thing that was wrong with it minus the fact of the handel broke was that there was play in the hardware after that he ordered the part and said hell handle the cost.
      Thats y i hate taking y cars to shops

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      Corey MillerCorey Miller

        Im not sure but i did vleed them when i done it. Ill have to wait till Monday to make sure of it. But i was wondering if anything else could cause it. Bc u can sit there and pump them up at a light and down the road it go soft.

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