'99 Rodeo 3.2 .. Engine Specs

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'99 Rodeo 3.2 .. Engine Specs was created by Screwey
Can someone please confirm these numbers and provide any of the missing info..
I saw these numbers for a 2000 model, do these also apply to my..

'99 Rodeo 3.2 Engine Bearing Clearances & Torques

* Rod Bearing Oil Clearance
..... 0.019 mm - 0.043 mm (Limit 0.08 mm)
Cap Torque: 54 Nm
+ Plus Degree Turn: ?

* Main Bearing Oil Clearance
..... ? mm - ? mm (Limit ? mm)
Cap Torque: ? Nm
+ Plus Degree Turn: ?

* Thrust 0.16 mm - 0.35 mm (Limit 0.4)
(I found my thrust bearings in my oil pan, are there cheap ones available that are attached to the main bearings so they won't fall out again? I'm also replacing these without removing the engine, and I assume the attached ones will stay in place better when I'm reinserting the crankshaft.?? ..Better suggestions?) (Can you "Roll-In" the bearings with the thrust washers attached.??)

* Oil Pump Torque: ? Nm
* Sequence: ?

* Oil Pan Torque (the bigger, cast metal one): ? Nm
* Secondary Oil Pan Torque (smaller one attached to the bigger one): ? Nm

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