2008 Buick Lacrosse W body struts

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2008 Buick Lacrosse W body struts was created by Vlad2
So, I bought new struts for the from of my car... I purchased AC Delco's.. So before I install them, I look at both of them. One has a sticker over the strut part markings from the manufacturer.. The other has the sticker to the side.

So the part number is 8547. I look up 8547 on the internets and it points to Moog Front Struts for guess what.. a 08 buick lacrosse. The only difference I can see is the AC Delco sticker they put on it. The bump stop on the pictures on amazon shows the AC delco with a off white (yellow?) and the moog is blue. Well these 2 struts have a blue bump stop.

We know AC Delco just rebrands a lot of stuff, so.. I guess AC Delco struts for a W body are moog?

I am buying the Rear, should I go with Moog then and save 30 bucks?

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