Need an air compressor willing to create a job for myself

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3 months 2 weeks ago #202833 by Aleks Deco
Hello. Few days ago I took my diploma of bachelor's degree in engineering and now I am unemployed for a while, actively looking for a job but its quite hard to find where i live, need to wait for an open vacancies and day by day my last savings are melting.
I am big enthusiast on cars, computers and technology. Learned how to fix them by myself when I was in high school ECTG was a huge impact on that. After high school graduation I started working in automotive industry, worked as a mechanic, technician, manager in automotive parts store and went to college part-time. Last year was a bit tough because I had to go often on unpaid vacation to work on my final work in college and then got fired because of that. In this situation everything I can do is look for a job.
Friend suggested me to work on cars while I'm looking for the job in engineering and will allow me to use his garage what I see as an opportunity. I want to start body-repairs on cars because I very liked to spray paint when I worked as a technician. That would allow me to get some income until I will find a full time job in engineering. So please if u are able to help me I would be very grateful.
And I promise that when I will get my first income from repairs I will donate the money to someone who also needs help.
this is my funding link -
Thank you!

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