H22A1 swap CB7 accord, misfire! Desperate , tried everything, Expd. Mech.

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3 days 15 hours ago #202903 by RabbittCB7
Hi there Eric and crew ! I'm Rabbitt, from Canada! New here but not new to cars. I have a '93 Honda Accord EX. I swapped out its tired old engine, re-done all the suspension and brakes, even gave it a prelude transmission to replace its old accord auto. The engine and 5spd have been installed in the car for more than a year, and I have re-done every aspect of this engine swap over and over again because I just cant get it to run right ….. for more than a year the car has been 99% complete, just running horribly. It's driving me INSANE !

To give you an idea, I have replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor, tried multiple ECU's, tested fuel injector resistor, replaced all injectors, replaced IM gaskets and cleaned out EGR ports, as well as EGR block off. IAB delete, purge valve and cannister delete, cruise delete, AC / PS delete, new headgasket, new piston rings and bearings, stock crank, stock head, stock cams, stock valves. Valve lash set properly and triple checked, timing set properly an triple checked. All cylinders get spark, fuel, and >180psi compression. 345cc (stock) resisted injectors, 91 octane 'premium' gasoline. Fuel pump can be heard whining too.

The problem: When fired up, (Starts instantly, barely have to crank) it will sound like an actual H22 for about the first two seconds, it sounds fine. after initially starting up, my assumption is it runs to check all sensor inputs and upon doing so, begins to horribly misfire randomly on all cylinders as well as producing gassy smoke out the exhaust. Every spark plug and injector responds the same to being unplugged , so I don't know where the misfire is coming from. Like I said timing is spot on, and distributor adjustment is set to the middle. No CEL codes on PT3 stock accord computer , but when plugged in to the P13 prelude computer for the H22 engine, I receive a Code 21 (VTEC Solenoid circuit) instantly, before starting the engine, even though the pinout to the solenoid is correct. I'll attatch a link showing how it runs, Please help me out Eric! I know you have done a LOOOOOOT of idle troubleshooting but this one is different, its not the intake manifold, its not the ignition or the injectors, and we've got compression . . . The car has been like this for too long and I definitely didn't anticipate the project to go on this long. I'm 99% done my dream build and yet I feel like I'm about to give up . . . CB7tuner forums couldn't help me out, the workshop manuals aren't any help, GOOGLE aint any help . . . I need someone who knows their Hondas ! What I need is more of a miracle . . . I'm not sure if this thread will ever get a response, but I sure hope it does. Thank you in advance for your time in reading about my issue. I have spent more time, money, and energy, out of my life on this car than I have with ANYTHING ELSE in my life ever. For the last couple months its been all starting to feel like a massive waste ….. I hope not but time is pretty much run out . . . I'm being forced to remove the vehicle from the property if it isn't running soon, and it has nowhere else to go at this point in my life . . . all out of favors.
It wont let my drop a link, so this will have to do:

Video of my H22 swapped accord running like a $7000 pile of scrap metal and pretty paint.

Thank you and god bless !

Attatched; old photo of my car running on a boosted F22 SOHC. This was a number of years ago, maybe 4 or 5. It's all but a memory now, unless I can figure out this issue soon . . .

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