07 Acura TSX very loud bang noise from the rear after fitting lowering spring

4 months 2 days ago #203136 by AlexTSX
So car is 07 Acura TSX. Got fitted a set of HR lowering springs, 1.5" kit, when going over small and medium road imperfections, bumps or potholes, everything is pretty smooth, almost stock-like. When hitting big holes there is a VERY loud banging noise, like someone is hitting my rear panels with a hammer. Got back to the shop that fitted them, they checked everything and said they fitted everything right. Two other garages checked the suspension from underneath the car and said everything was fine. Swaybar, endlings, bushings etc etc all fine. They both did test the struts on the car and both said the struts were ok, 65-68% rebound rate which is fine. I emptied the boot, removed all the liners, spare tire, tools etc etc...still having the noise. It sounds that its coming from the top of the strut, but since sound travels this might be highly misleading.
Loosing my mind with this one. Any ideas guys?!?
P.S. - the springs were used ones, asked the guy I bought them from if he had any noises on his TSX, he said that they worked fine on his car.

Thanks for your time,


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