RX300 Valvetrain Noise

4 months 1 day ago #203151 by SteveC
RX300 Valvetrain Noise was created by SteveC
Hi Guys-
I've got a 2002 RX300 Lexus with the 1MZ motor. 200K miles. Recently I reshimmed 3 lifters that were a couple thou out of spec to try to eliminate a lifter clicking noise.
Noise is still there. No CEL codes. I think the VVT-i is working properly and I checked the OCV filters which were clean. I do have the standard VVT rattle on startup which goes away as soon as oil pressure builds. What else could cause this "lifter tick" if the lifter clearances are in spec? Could it be the lock pin in the VVT gear rattling? If you heard it you would swear its a lifter...but all clearances are OK.....What else could it be??? Driving me nuts. THX

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