1999 Cavalier getting hot at idle

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4 months 7 hours ago #203170 by Newbie: Desire_to_learn
1999 Cavalier getting hot at idle was created by Newbie: Desire_to_learn
I'm going to list what I've noticed, strange and not sure if I should check the thermostat or flush the system. In the winter the car at idle does that reach Temp and the fan will run even when it's freezing outside and the car isn't to Temp. The same thing in the summer BEFORE driving it anywhere the fan will come on at the right Temp. But the fan doesn't shut off. I've never let it run for a long time to see if it eventually shuts off though. I've waited for I'd say about 20 to 25 mins and it doesn't shut off. This is the weird thing, once you actually drive the car then say you sit in a parking lot the fan won't come on and the car Temp goes over half way and the fan won't come on. It does if you don't drive it and just let it run... I'm so confused lol! I changed the coolant Temp sensor, tried bleeding the system and checked and switched out relays. Coolant in reservoir looks clean but when I took the temp sensor out it looked Brown and rusty. I get heat in the cabin and top and bottom hoses are hot. Only thing I can think is the hose after the thermostat didn't seem very hot the other day so possibly stuck shut? My radiator seemed cool too to the touch. Maybe blocked somewhere? I'm guessing it's going to be a stuck thermostat but I'm pretty new with this stuff but a quick learner. Wondering about a water pump too, haven't looked into that as a possiblity actually. Still seems like a stuck thermostat but I don't get why the fan comes on before being driven and then won't come on after being driven and sitting at an idle. Thanks for any help, sorry for the long post!!

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3 months 3 weeks ago #203246 by college man
Replied by college man on topic 1999 Cavalier getting hot at idle
It does not sound like your rejecting the heat. It sounds like your cooling system could use some attention.
Flush and refill everything. New t-stat. Look inside the radiator when drained. (rust or crud) top it off with a
new cap. this link may help.


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