HONDA ACCORD VII CL9 K24A3 - manual gearbox clunking/knocking noise when I shift

3 months 4 weeks ago - 3 months 4 weeks ago #203194 by lukasrz
Hello guys!

First sorry for my not the best english. I'm from Poland.

I have some difficulty to locate issue with gearbox? I'm not sure. Maybe someone can help me. Maybe someone had a similar case.

The car:

engine: K24A3
gearbox model: AST5

The problem is with the clunking/knocking noise when I change gear during the ride, but the noise is also when the car is rolling and I depress clutch and I dont I release it. Then I change gear for example from 3 to neutral and again from neutral to 3 and 3 to neutral with still depress clutch. The clunking, knocks noise is when I put the gear from 3 to neutral. But when the car stops and I change gears there is no noise! nothing :/ Only when it's rolling. During the ride clunking/knock is when I change gear also from 1-2 and others. But when I shift with fast accelerate over 3000rpm there is no noise or it's less.

When it's cold outside the noises are less.

I checked shift linkage and all looks perfect. The sound is somewhere from outside. Tommorow I will try record some video.
I checked shift linkage near gearbox and all looks perfect. All the rubbers on the end of wires from shift linkage looks perfect ( I sprayed them with silicone).

The sound is somewhere from outside. Thanks for help and best regards.
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