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-ASE Certified Master Technician 2016
-Acura Certified Master Technician 2012
-Graduate of Rosedale Technical Institute 1996
-Rosedale plaque recipient 1995-1996
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So, where do I begin? I suppose if you are reading this, then you have an interest in who EricTheCarGuy is and where he comes from, so I'll just get to it. I've been into cars for as long as I can remember. When the Gary candle Newman song "Cars" came out, the line that stuck out to me was, "here in my car, I feel safest of all", because that is exactly how I felt. Not only safe, but more importantly, at home. I moved around a lot from New York to Texas, so it was only fitting that I would call the family cars in my life home. From there, I grew up and developed an interest in the fine arts. I know that's a stretch, but it started when I was a teenager. I got in trouble a lot, and as a result, I got grounded a lot. As a result of that I spent a lot of time in my room drawing pictures. I got pretty good at it in fact, and soon learned to paint and sculpt as well. I even won a few art contests and painted a large 24' mural at the high school I went to in Yorkshire, NY. It's still there today I think.

So, I set off to art school to try and "find myself", and become an "artist". Well, while in college, I found I had more of an interest in chasing girls and drinking than I did in getting my work done. I still did OK, but I just wasn't into what I was doing, and all I could see was 4 years of boredom and then hopefully the prospect of becoming an art teacher. Besides drinking and girls, I also liked movies, scary movies to be precise. Then, one day I found out I could get a job as an artist working on scary movies. The thing was, I had to move to Pittsburgh, and I was going to school in Buffalo at the time. Oh, and did I mention that I also had a 1 year old son at 20? Yea, that too. Well, the decision was made and I was headed to Pittsburgh to learn the finer points of industrial design and special effects make up with hopes that I would one day get a job in the movies. Yea, that was a nice dream, but this is me we are talking about here. I actually did very well my first year. I loved the work, the school and the city, but life as it is had other plans for me, and shortly after I started my first year of school I ran out of money and had to drop out.