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2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 4) Fixing it Forward

Fixing Up My Brothers Rusty Element

2005 Honda Odyssey Engine Work (Episode 3) Fixing it Forward

I Just Bought 2 Honda Elements

2004 Mustang Cobra Gets a Magnaflow Exhaust

2005 Honda Odyssey The Work Begins (Episode 2) Fixing it Forward


Mining the Highway?

All My Cars Are Illegal?

Where Do Stolen Catalytic Converters Go?

This Guy Stole My Catalytic Converter!

10 Years at the New Shop

What Used Car Should I Buy?


Behind the Scenes: The Element Starts For the First Time (Exclusive Video)

Shop Update 4.6.2021 (Exclusive Video)

Shop Update 3.24.2021 (Exclusive Video)

Meet the Elements (Exclusive Video)

The Shop Got Flooded. Twice. (Exclusive Video)

Shop Update 2.10.2021 (Exclusive Video)

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