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As a Premium Member of, you will have access to exclusive video content only available to Premium Members of the site. This content includes over 200 videos made just for Premium Members. It’s like having access to a whole new ETCG video channel. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy for some time after signing up as you will have exclusive access to all of this content.

You’ll also get up to 4 additional exclusive videos per month. The average is 3 exclusive videos per month, but it has gone as high as 5.


Premium Members get a $2.oo discount on any VManuals purchased, streaming or download. You will be issued a special discount code that you can apply to your VManual purchases after your membership goes live. No limit to the amount of VManuals you can apply this discount to.

You’re also eligible for a special rate on a Streaming VManual subscription. $25.oo instead of $35.oo. That’s a $10.oo savings for all existing streaming VManuals.*


Now your Premium Membership is worth even more! With a Premium Membership to you will now receive a 5% discount off of your entire order when you order from J&B Tool sales. Once you purchase your membership you’ll be given a special code to use at check out which you can use every time you shop at J&B Tool Sales. It’s a savings that can possibly end up paying for your membership!


Premium Members have access to a special form thread only seen after you sign in as a Premium Member.

If you want to talk to other Premium Members, or if you want to make suggestions on how to make your membership better, here is where you would post it.

**Please note** Automotive questions will be answered in the “Service and Repair” thread. Automotive questions posted to the Premium Member thread will be moved there for a faster response to your questions. It also makes your question, and any answers to it, available to our search function. Questions posted in the Premium Member thread are not ’discoverable’ by our search function since it is a private thread.


Premium Memberships are available in 2 formats, monthly and yearly.

1 month Premium Membership: $15.oo**

1 year Premium Membership: $35.oo

Once you sign up for your Premium Membership, it will automatically renew 1 month, or 1 year from your date of purchase depending on what you signed up for. You can cancel recurring payments at any time, including right after you sign up, on you PayPal account. Just sign into your PayPal account and click on your purchase. From there you can cancel or suspend payments. This will prevent further charges on your account.


**Purchasing All Available VManuals (Streaming Only)
We now offer the option to purchase all of the streaming VManuals as a subscription. So if you’re thinking about purchasing more than one VManual, you might want to check this out.

You can purchase all existing Streaming VManuals for $35.oo, $25.oo for Premium Members of

Consider that you can have a truckload of ETCG content with a Premium Membership and Streaming VManual Package for the bargain price of $60.oo.

‘New’ streaming VManuals are not eligible until 1 year after they are posted. If the VManual says “New” on it’s page, it is not eligible for the streaming service and must be purchased separately. If it doesn’t say “New”, then it is part of the Streaming Vmanual package.


If you feel you have been charged in error, or you need help cancelling recurring payments, please contact will make every effort to resolve any issues to your satisfaction, but failure to contact and filing a PayPal dispute instead, will result in you being banned form

If you have any questions, comments, or issues with signing up, please contact There is NO PHONE SUPPORT, so please use our support system. We will get back with you within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest and have a great day. Hope to see you on the Premium Member subscription list!

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1 Month Membership


30 days of Premium Membership

Exclusive Videos

Discounts on VManuals

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1 Year Membership


1 Year of Premium Membership

4 Exclusive Videos Per Month

Discounts on VManuals

Access To An Exclusive Library of Exclusive Content With More Being Added Each Month

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All VManuals 1 Year


1 Year VManual Membership

11 streaming VManuals

$100 in VManuals

Cancel Anytime

New VManuals

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VManual & Premium Membership


1 Year of Premium Membership

1 Year VManual Membership

Up to 4 Exclusive Videos Per Month

11 streaming VManuals

$100 in VManuals

Cancel Anytime

New VManuals

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**Monthly Premium Members are eligible for  a $2.00 discount on all VManuals purchased.

**Monthly Premium Members are not eligible for the discount on Streaming VManuals. You must purchase a yearly Premium Membership to get the discounted rate on the Streaming VManual subscription service.

*New streaming VManuals are not eligible until 1 year after they are posted. If the VManual says “New” on it’s page, it is not eligible for the streaming service and must be purchased separately.

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