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This #sponsored blog brought to you by Walmart and the Super Tech line of automotive products.

Even though the name of this blog is “Stay Dirty,” those words should never apply to the air inside your car’s engine or cabin. Yet, air filters can often be an afterthought when it’s time to perform some routine maintenance. Let me explain why they shouldn’t be.

Most people understand the importance of fuel and oil to overall vehicle performance, mainly because they have to regularly replenish those fluids to keep their cars running. Air is equally important, but because it’s all around us and free, it’s easy to ignore—until a problem arises that was caused by dirty air.

Maintaining clean airflow is one of the most critical aspects of engine performance. That’s because most car engines require around 15 parts of oxygen for every 1 part of fuel they consume. Maintaining a proper air-to-fuel ratio is essential for efficient engine operation and maximum fuel economy. When air filters become excessively dirty, they restrict airflow and allow dirt and dust into your engine, which can cause severe damage and even catastrophic failure.

Inside your car, without a clean cabin air filter as a line of defense, you and your passengers can be under constant assault from allergens, pollutants and other airborne contaminants. Inhaling these irritants can lead to a range of health problems that go beyond seasonal allergies and can include headaches, nausea and the worsening of pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

To ensure safe, dependable performance from your car, both you and your engine need to be in top operating condition. Changing your vehicle’s air filters at regular intervals is a huge step toward that goal. When outside air enters an air filter, the filter media captures a significant percentage of all contaminants, sometimes as high as 99.99%, before sending clean air to your engine and passenger cabin.

Over time, of course, air filters can reach their capacity and become ineffective. Fortunately for the do-it-yourselfer, they are usually the easiest filters to change in most cars. Opening the engine air filter compartment typically involves unclipping the lid to reveal the dirty filter, which you simply lift out and replace with a fresh filter.

Be sure to remove the dirty air filter as gently as possible so you don’t shake any dirt and debris loose that can contaminate the clean side of the filter housing. Before installing your new filter, carefully clean the gasket-housing surfaces and the inside of the compartment, also to prevent residual dirt from entering your engine.

Follow the same installation procedure when changing your cabin air filter, which contrary to popular belief, is not difficult to install. Most cabin air filters are easily accessible either through the glove compartment or under the hood on the passenger side. If you can’t locate it, take a quick look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual and you’ll be good to go in no time.

As for when to change them, reference your vehicle’s manual for maintenance information. With that in mind, quality engine air and cabin air filters can last for 3 years/30,000 miles or 2 years/ 20,000 miles (respectively). Individual intervals can vary depending on driving conditions, so be aware of changes in your vehicle’s acceleration and fuel economy or an increase in dust and unusual odors inside your car. If you notice any of those conditions before you reach the recommended service interval, you may have to change your filter sooner than expected.

As always, feel free to get as dirty as necessary to keep your car running like a champ. But when it comes to the air that enters your engine and passenger cabin, let’s keep it clean, okay?

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This #sponsored post was brought to you WalMart and its Super Tech line of automotive products.

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