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2001 Mazda Millenia Cooling System question

Matthew Montalto
Matthew Montalto

sorry for the delay in response (I never got notified via email of your reply)….

…my radiator does not have a port with a cap on it…. Mazda calles the cap on the reservoir the radiator cap (which is a pressure cap) and the other cap Mazda calls the coolant inlet port… this is on the engine right above the water pump and connected to the radiator top hose…..

I have tried bleeding from both ports and I still have the overheat condition…. my fans come on, but never seem to cycle off…. as I write this I have a feeling that the problem may be that the radiator fan is not cycling to its “high” speed….unfortunately the Mazda service manuel I have has such lousey info on how the system should be operating and how to actually confirm its turing up to high when its supposed to,…. thank you for getting back though… really appreciate it

Matt Montalto