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2001 Xterra 3.3 High Idle (4000+ RPM)


Turns out when I was trying to get the top nut off of the motor mount, I remember using a piece of rebar to pry on my ratchet to get more leverage. I pried against the throttle body >.<

Yeah, I know: pretty fking stupid.

I checked it after I did it to make sure I didn't damage it, but I thought the small gap present in the butterfly area was normal ("Well, the car needs a little air to start, right?" So I thought, not realizing that the car doesn't need that big of a gap). I learned my lesson: think things through before using any part of the car as a leverage point.

Anyway, after 2 weeks, I got a new throttle body for ~$30 from a pick-and-pull and now it runs great (except for a small vacuum leak I can hear).

Thanks for the help.