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2004 Chrysler Van 3.8L Misfire P0306 “Need Some Direction”

Chris Garland
Chris Garland

I did check gap and were all good

I will be checking wire resistance

Unfortunately dont have scope yet to check secondary ignition.

Checked signal at idle and under load both good.

Unfortunately no scope for relative compression test

I did not smoke test but will try that when i go back to work.

It is a dual rail fuel system with #6 on the end. I will run a pressure gauge to verify pressure.

I have really wanting to add a scope seen some of the great tests it does. Its crazy when i talk to other local mechanics and tool truck guys how many say NOBODY USES SCOPES. Thats why I want to add so i can be the go to guy to get stuff diagnosed. Way to many parts changers in my town.

Thank you so much for the tips.