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jim piry
jim piry

First Post, I have a 2012 JGC Limited with the 5.7 and I have 227000 mi Well maintained a few days ago it started running rough (Chugging like) I had the same issue about a year ago and the dealer said it was a faulty oil pres switch, I figured it was the same as my Oil Pres was around 24-27# at idol same symptom’s OR the Fuel pump relay “Again” They have a recall out again for that but the dealer said they are on back order and No idea when they will get them Not sure it yours are stalling but at least 1X a day mine is.
well got the dreaded call #3 intake spun 90 degrees no longer rolling grinding into the camshaft and they were not sure if it would be covered under MAXicare An adjuster is coming out to inspect and determine…. side note they declined a Motor mount and rear drive shaft about 2 mo ago with my Life time Unlimited MI warranty Due to age and Miles After Trying to reach out to Mopar, Jeep and FCA No reply’s from any. That engine should go 300K Easy with out internal damage IF Properly maintained after reading MANY posts on Many sites this is a problem that they are aware of and are hoping owners Just Go away and chalk it up as typical for a older vehicle, Some say it has everything to do with the MSD that drops out Cylinders achieve the ECO status.
Before anyone brings up my Mileage I have had engines go 400K (95 Cherokee) and rusted out before Any major eng issues I have been a dedicated Jeep owner since 1985. I wanted to put this out so others who are searching will find they are Not alone. Thanks