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EricTheCarGuy 1

Thank you for sharing your experience Stephan. There is always one of you that will defend these cars, and I get it. You don’t want to believe that your car is a lemon. No one does. But the fact remains, these cars had way more issues than Hondas made before 1998, and not by a little, by a whole lot. That would be my main point. Not so much that they can’t be good cars, they’re still better than anything GM made during the same time period, but they are plagued with pattern failures and common issues that make their ownership experience a far cry from what Hondas made before 1999 were. I’d take a 1994 Acura Legend with 200K+ on the odometer any day over one one of these cars.

I speculate the reason these cars were so bad was because at that time Honda changed it’s focus from quality to profitability. Cheap parts make for cheap cars, and during the early 2000’s Honda made some pretty cheap cars, the Acura TL’s and CL’s being some of the worst offenders in my view.

Thanks again for your input.