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todd mann
todd mann

Thank you David for your response. It is greatly appreciated. We did not remove the rotor. The rotor cap looks good including all contact posts. We swapped coil and all plug wires with no change so not a wire issue directly. I forgot to mention that we do have AC Delco spark plugs in there (supposed to be NGK). I doubt that is our main issue with no start but i thought id mention it. I will double check connections since our work on the cooling connection, but im pretty sure we have gone over that several times with everything lining up. Dead man switch…thats in the trunk area right? not sure about that one. I doubt that would have been affected if there is one. I do wonder if a ground could be affected as while we were working on the coolant line and had the distributer off, i was doing alot of degreaser and water spraying from a spray bottle into the engine bay area to clean away alot of grime…so we could see future leaks. I tried not to get any in wire connections or on the distributor but i wonder if my spraying could have affected something. My next job is to check all interior fuses and check once again that everything was plugged up in that area. I will post the result.